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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Getting Ready to Travel

Pat and I went to music this morning. The Tuesday group is readying itself for a Christmas program in early December so we were hitting it pretty hard, refining each song.

After rehearsal we went to the library - I finally get to check books out of a library!! YAY! For the five years we've been on the road, I've really missed being able to take advantage of a local library. You must have a local address in order to use a library, hence not being able to do so. But, this county acknowledges its winter residents and allows you to get a library card as long as you can show a piece of mail with a local address on it. Anyway, I picked up several books and am excited about that.

Finally, we stopped at WalMart so I could pick up our prescriptions as well as a couple of others items. Then, it was time to go home.

This afternoon was lazy, as usual. I made biscuits and franks & beans for dinner. Randy is out at Pops rehearsal. I spent a portion of the evening packing for our trip tomorrow.

We'll drop Blackie off at Ron & Ruth's about 9am and head north to Alpharetta, GA. It's about a seven hour drive, so I'm hoping to get some cross stitching done! ;) Plus, I'm really looking forward to seeing family!

Until the next time . . .


  1. Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels!

  2. Lindsay6:52 AM

    Travel safely! Give everyone hugs from us. Love you!