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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Found It!

Thanks to the switch in time, my eyelids popped wide open at 5:15 this morning! UGH! I laid in bed for about 20 minutes, hoping I'd fall back to sleep, but no such luck. So, my day was off to an early start. :) Thankfully, Randy had forgotten to change the clock on the coffeemaker so I got up to the smell of coffee brewing!

We had planned to go to the 10:45 service at
Church on the Eastern Shore, but since we were up so early I thought we'd go on and hit the 9am service instead. Then, just as we were ready to go, I suggested that we go to breakfast and go to the 10:45 service as originally planned. Of course, Randy was up for that change! :) We went to breakfast at The Biscuit King, known for it's "ugly" biscuits. They aren't the prettiest, but they are good - and huge! We had lots of time before church was to start, so we had a very relaxing meal.

And we're pretty sure we've found the church we've been looking for! CotES is very much like our former church home, Grace Community, and the church we've been attending when in PA, Grace Fellowship. The worship music was fantastic, very upbeat and joyous. The lead pastor, Mark Price, gave a great message on the parable of the prodigal son. That's a parable we all are so familiar with, but he brought a message filled with ideas I hadn't thought of before. I am excited about getting to know this church family.

After church we went shopping. We've been wanting to get a new blanket or spread for our bed and I need a new winter robe. No luck on the robe, but we found a great bedspread! Very colorful and perfect for our bedroom. We also picked up a Christmas gift for our grandson. Not bad for an hour or so of shopping.

Back home I enjoyed some time out on the patio. The weather was gorgeous today - so very different from yesterday. I had to get outside for a bit.

This evening we attended our first Ice Cream Social of the season. This is a weekly event that is very well attended - go figure! :) Gotta love this park!

I finished out my evening updating our financials; it is the first of the month, after all. :) Tomorrow we're off to the bank and the grocery.

Until the next time . . .


  1. I think we have been past that church. Glad you liked it. Looks like you had a nice day.

    Randy & Pam

  2. Glad to hear that!!!