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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So Much Hype – So Little Storm

At least it for us. We both said that we'd had more wind and more rain in some thunderstorms. The rain stopped sometime in the middle of the night and that was when it was supposed to be the worst. NOT that I'm complaining, mind you!!

I believe my East Coast buddies/family are starting to feel the leftovers of Ida. Sorry 'bout that, folks! Hope everyone stays dry and safe.

It did drizzle on and off most of today. But, I still had to get out. We'd been hanging around the rig for the past three days and I was starting to get a little cabin fever. We had stayed home over the weekend (except for church) and it was nice to have nothing planned. Of course, yesterday we were on storm watch so we didn't go anywhere. I was MORE than ready to do something today.

So, we went shopping. Yes, you read that right - shopping. I know; you're thinking I definitely must have been a little feverish to want to go shopping, but we had to. We needed to get Kevin's birthday presents so we can get them in the mail to him. Plus we were able to check off a few more Christmas presents.

Then, Randy surprised me by wanting to go to Big Daddy's for a late lunch/very early dinner. He usually doesn't initiate going out or specifying where he wants to go, so that's why I was surprised. Of course, I didn't say no! ;) So, we had a scrumptious meal - we got our usual for Big Daddy's - the mega burger for Randy and blackened shrimp for me. Yummy!

Tonight Randy's at Pops rehearsal and I'm at home. The wind is more fierce tonight than it was last night. Weird. Russ & Pat are due in tomorrow so we're excited about that. We'll be having some good times over the next couple of weeks with them.

That's about all from our world. Hope yours is good. Until the next time . . .

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  1. Thanks for sending Ida our way...she won't leave! All she does is hang around the area and make our lives miserable. The weatherman said she should be on her way by Friday! Oh brother, 2 more days of constant wind and rain rain rain!! I think we're going to get 5 inches when it's all said and done.