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Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Day Off

Typically, Thursday is a music day for both of us. And even though it sounds a little weird to say that we took a day off today, considering we're retired and all. But, that's what we did. Randy & I both woke up this morning with a headache, nothing debilitating, but enough to just want to stay at home.

We have spent the entire day hanging out at home, watching TV and playing on the computer. We were also "Sassie"-sitting for Dick & Pat. Sassie is their sweet little bichon. Dick & Pat took a day trip over to Biloxi to meet up with some friends and make a deposit in a couple of casinos. So, we made sure that Sassie got outside a few times today. Of course, Randy also took Blackie for his walks, as well.

And that's it. That was our day. We're still watching TV and playing on the computer and will probably do so right up until bedtime. We are an exciting couple, I'll tell ya!

Right now, there's a light rain tapping on our roof. BUT, the "S" word is in our forecast - I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! Here we are, in the south, deliberately so that we are away from winter weather and there is snow in the forecast. UGH!! Of course, it's not much, but still . . . I AM IN ALABAMA!!

Okay, I feel better now. Sorry. :)

There will definitely be pictures tomorrow! That is, if we really get snow. I'm a bit in denial. And I know it's nothing compared to what my friends and family have gone through back East, but again, I reiterate . . .I AM IN ALABAMA!!

Until the next time . . .

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