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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday & Saturday

Yeah, I was lazy last night. Just didn't feel like posting. But, in my defense, it was a very quiet day yesterday. I went to Curves in the morning, as usual. Then, Randy and I went to breakfast and ran some errands.

I spent part of the afternoon outside in my lounge chair in the the sunshiny, 60something degree weather. How nice was that! Randy went to his
psaltery group. Dinner was grilled pork chops, green beans, and cheddar biscuits.

The evening was spent watching the Olympics.

We started today much as we did yesterday - with breakfast out. :) We went with Dick & Pat to Hazel's for their
omelet buffet. They have great food and made-to-order omelets. I'm not an omelet person, but Randy, Dick & Pat love them.

After hitting the grocery store for Dick & Pat, we made a stop to fill a propane tank for us and then we came home.

I spent the major part of the afternoon at the laundry room 'cause I wasn't able to get it done this morning. Unfortunately, the park has had to start locking the laundry room and clubhouse due to some vandalism earlier this year. Until now these facilities have never been locked. So, now the official time for the laundry room to open is 8am, unless the manager is around while breakfast is being made on Saturday and then he'll open it. The last couple of weeks he's been there and opened for me at 6:30am. Today, he wasn't. :( So, I had to wait my turn today when I went over around 12:30. Ugh. I finally got back to the rig around 2:30 or so.

This evening we had the privilege of going to Mike & Gerri's for dinner. Dinner was very good, topped off with a yummy peach cobbler. But, the best part of the evening was sitting around just chatting - getting to know each other even better. Oh, how wonderful it is to find folks with similar standards and values. People you don't have to impress or work at liking! :) We had a fantastic time. Thank you, Mike & Gerri!! We're sure gonna miss you when you leave next week!

Now, we're back home and once again watching the Olympics. These athletes are amazing!

Until the next time . . .

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  1. We certainly enjoyed last evening with you guys! I think I said almost the same thing you said on my journal. We feel so blessed that we have gotten to know you all and you are now a part of our lives (yea, you can't get rid of us). We will miss you all when we leave! BUT we'll see ya down the road!!! :)