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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Much Better Day

I woke up a bit wobbly this morning, with what a friend calls a "headache hangover." :) And that is an apt name. I was a little bleary and there was an echo of a headache yet. But, I was SO much better than yesterday. Thanks to everyone for their get well wishes and prayers!

Since I was feeling better, I went to the Tuesday dulcimer group. I gotta admit, though, about halfway through I could have come home. But, I had driven Pat and another woman needed a ride home, so I just pushed through. And I was fine.

After getting home, I got some lunch and that helped me to feel better. Then a nice hour and a half nap topped off the afternoon.

Mike & Gerri stopped by for a bit as well this afternoon. Every visit we have with them just confirms my initial feeling that these folks would become good friends. We laugh, we share our lives with each other, and just connect on a deep level. And that doesn't happen often. So, I am grateful to God for bringing them into our lives. It's gonna be hard to say good-by this weekend!

Tonight the Baldwin Pops Band performed their winter concert. Randy started playing in this band last year and really enjoys it. Once again, the music was moving, fun, and altogether enjoyable. It is so much fun to be exposed to all kinds of music here - our dulcimer groups and the Pops. We are really blessed to be part of it all.

Looks like our weather is gonna take a turn toward chilly again. Ugh. Oh, well. It could be snow, I guess. From what I've seen on Facebook tonight, looks like the East Coast is getting it again. I really feel sorry for them, they've been hammered this winter.

Hope wherever you are, you're content. I know I am. :)

Until the next time . . .

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  1. Thanks for the sweet and Randy mean just as much to us:) God is good and has blessed us both. Every time I think about leaving I get a little lump in my throat.

    Really enjoyed the concert last night! :)

    Gerri & Mike