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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Birthday Shout-out and a History Making Election

First things first:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DADDY!!! You are the best and I am grateful to be your daughter. I love you!

Boy was the weather different today! We woke up to a very overcast, damp morning, which was unexpected. It was quite chilly until the mid afternoon when the sun finally made its appearance. for a couple of hours after that, it was very nice. I even sat outside reading for awhile.

This morning I went to Jam N Folks for dulcimer rehearsal. This group is a little more intense than the Jubilee Pickers on Thursdays. JnF play for about three and a half hours straight - no break except for the occasional discussion regarding a piece of music we're playing. JP plays for about an hour and a quarter then takes a good twenty minute coffee break, with much mingling and discussion. When I stand up on Tuesday mornings after playing for those three plus hours, I can tell you, I am stiff!! :) But, this group does challenge me to play better and that's a good thing.

We had a quick dinner of hot dogs and beans and then Randy had to get out the door for Pops rehearsal. It starts at 7pm so he needed to leave around 6:20. He's enjoying playing again and I'm so glad for him.

I spent the evening working on my new cross stitch project and watching the election results. Looks like we are going to have President Obama for the next four years. While I didn't vote for him, I do think it's wonderful that our nation has come to the point where it is comfortable with a president of color. We need to look at people for who they are, not the color of their skin. Now I am praying that God will guide Obama is his leadership of our country and that we can restore our economy to a more stable environment as well as become ONE country and not two parties!

Not much planned for tomorrow. Hopefully, we'll see the sun a little more than we did today. Until the next time . . .

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