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Saturday, November 22, 2008

It Was a Good Day

This was a good day - just going with the flow of what came along. Of course, I was in the laundry room by 6:30 this morning, but I blew off going to Curves. Just didn't feel like it.

Then, Randy & I went to breakfast over at the clubhouse. They serve breakfast every Saturday morning, but most times we don't go. Today, though, it was biscuits and gravy. YUM! So, we met Dick & Pat over there, as well as several other folks we know.

Later in the morning, Pat, Randy & I rode over to one of the Catholic churches to check out their bazaar and bake sale. Well, the bazaar had a few cute things, but the bake sale, OMG!! I was rather restrained, I must say. I only bought some sourdough bread for dinner and peanut butter fudge. Pat bought some gumbo for Dick (he loves him some gumbo!), a German chocolate cake, and a few books. It was a very small event - we were out of there a few minutes after 10am. Then it was on to the grocery to pick up a few things and back to home we went.

Around 1:30 Pat and I were back over at Ruth's for more dulcimer practice. We've picked some neat songs for the CD. We're doing a harmonized version of Joy to the World; our gospel pick is How Beautiful Heaven Must Be (I had never heard this before playing the dulcimer, but it's beautiful song); and we've got four other songs we're practicing before we make a final decision on which 2 we'll do for the CD. We practiced for almost 2 hours. We're getting good, even if I do say so myself! :)

We vegged the rest of the afternoon. Went over to Dick & Pat's for a chili dinner. I took the fudge and the sourdough bread for my contribution. While Randy loves chili, I am not a big fan. However, I did enjoy Pat's chili. It had a bite to it, so it was pretty good. The bread was great, as was the fudge and the German chocolate cake! Good eats.

Watched a so-so SciFi movie the rest of the evening while cross stitching and playing around on the computer. And that's it for now. Tomorrow's church and another dulcimer session. Of course, the ice cream social tomorrow evening, can't forget that! Just another crazy weekend in Lower Alabama!

Until the next time . . .

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