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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We Had a Busy Day

Despite the gloomy weather forecast, we were out and about for a large portion of the day. I did go to Curves, as usual, first thing this morning. Once I got home I downed one cup of coffee and then got busy getting myself ready for the day.

Knowing we were going shopping and would be out for most of the day, we needed to fortify ourselves, so we stopped at a local breakfast buffet. We had gone here once before, but Dick & Pat hadn't been yet, so we wanted to see if they'd like it. (They did.) After ensuring that we could get through out day without fainting from hunger, we set out for Eastern Shore Shopping Center.

This shopping center has just about any type of store you could ever need. I wanted to go to Michael's, Barnes & Noble, and a couple of clothing stores. Dick & Pat needed to stop at Sam's. All of that could be accomplished in this one area. In addition, to lots and lots of stores, there are also several restaurants. The only drawback to this center is that if it's raining, like it did for a few minutes while I was going from store to store, you get wet! :) Oh, well. I just walked faster and that helped settle that breakfast a little more.

For those of you who know me, you know that shopping is NOT top on my list of favorite things to do. I am more of a go-in-get-what-you-need-and-get-out buyer than a shopper. But, I am glad to say, that I was able to get most of what I had gone to get. So, that's nice. AND I finally used my Barnes & Noble gift card from my birthday! YAY!

We finally got home a little after 2pm and I was bushed - I even had a bit of a headache. That shopping is hard work. :) Randy & I relaxed a bit and then walked over to the campground to find two couples whose travels I've been following for a while through their blogs. Mark & Dortha and Jim & Ellie have been traveling the southeast and finally landed here at the Plantation. I was very excited to finally get to meet them live and in person! It's so funny to meet folks and feel like you've known them forever; but that's what happens in this full-timing life, especially when you're able to travel with them via the internet. :) Mark & Dortha, Jim & Ellie, Randy & I are looking forward to really getting to know you while you're here.

We ended our day with a steak dinner out on the patio with Dick & Pat. It was pretty neat, under the cloudy, moonlit sky. Not a bad way to say good-bye to the day.

Looks like tomorrow and Friday are gonna be a little ugly weather-wise. That's okay. You can't appreciate the sunshine if you don't have a little rain once in a while. Take care of one another!

Until the next time . . .

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