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Monday, November 03, 2008

Such a Fun Day

We really had a fun day today. We did go to the bank as planned, stopping for breakfast first. There is a small dinner in the middle of Foley called, appropriately, Foley Coffee Shop. :) Randy went there last year while I was at the Lagniappe Dulcimer Festival and said it was good. I've been wanting to go there, so that's what we did this morning. And it was good. The diner has such a small town feel to it - you almost expect Andy Griffith and Don Knotts to walk in the door any minute.

Thus fortified, we headed over to Pensacola to the bank to get our cash for the month. Lots of folks have asked us why we bother to do that when debit cards are accepted everywhere and you can get cash back almost everywhere, too. We've just found that this works best for our budget. And we only have to go to the bank once a month, so it's no big deal.

On the way home we stopped to take a couple of pictures of a really neat house, that I think is a B&B. It's owned by the resident wealthy woman, who also owns lots of land in Summerdale. Isn't it a great house?

I had planned to clean the bathroom today when we got back from the bank, but some of the my fellow dulcimer players were gathering at the "pickin' shed" that is on the property our site sits on. Ron has turn the existing shed into a place where we can practice our dulcimers; it's great. Larry, Cindy's husband, took some pictures today, so I'll have to show them to you when he sends them to me. Anyway, I sacrificed cleaning the bathroom to spend a couple of hours outside in the gorgeous weather playing music. Five of the gals were playing hammered dulcimers while Cindy and I played our lap dulcimers. It was great!

Later in the early evening we spent some time at Bob & Pam's campfire. There were only five couples around the fire this evening (sometimes there are as many as 10!), but it's always a fun time. As the air got cooler, the mosquitos got braver and we finally called it a night. Plus, we all needed to get dinner on the table. In my case, I had to get it in the oven!

While the meatloaf cooked, the bathroom finally got cleaned. So I did accomplish that chore. We ate dinner while watching Dancing with the Stars. Randy was thrilled (she writes sarcastically). He was thrilled with dinner, just not the TV fare.

It was a good day. Hope yours was, too. Don't forget to vote tomorrow!! Until the next time . . .


  1. When I was a kid we went to a fall festival with my family and saw some hammered dulcimer players. My parents were amazed (my dad is a musician) and bought an album to take home... where they listened to it for months and months.

    To this day if you start singing "Turkey In The Hay" my sibs and I will start singing and dancing around and generally making fun of my parents for that album.

    Hehe :)

  2. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Sounds like you had a great day. Since we live in NC, we actually voted last week. Since it's raining today, I'm glad we don't have to go out in the weather. Glad you liked the Halloween pictures! I think the camera captured my good side!

    Willy from Winterville