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Monday, November 17, 2008

Just Another Monday

Mondays are usually pretty laid back around here. I know - most of our days are laid back! But, I mean that there isn't much planned on Mondays for some reason. Anyway, I did go to Curves this morning even though it was rather chilly - 36 degrees! I had to warm up the truck so that the windshield could defrost! (Sorry to my northern friends, I know you're experiencing even colder weather.)

Back from Curves, I did my normal morning routine - coffee, computer and morning news. And I always like to watch The View on Mondays 'cause it's Hot Topics throughout the whole show. This morning's show was a little boring, though. So, about halfway through I called Lins to get caught up on their weekend. I even got to talk to Reagan for a few minutes! YAY!

Then it was on to clean the bathroom and then get my shower so we could go shopping. Yes, shopping. Ugh. For those of you who know me well, you know that I did not get the female shopping gene. I. do. not. like. shopping. Unfortunately, it was necessary 'cause I had to get a pair of khaki-colored pants or capris. One of the dulcimer groups I play with, Jam N Folks, wears a navy polo and khaki-colored pants/capris for their performances. And we have a performance tomorrow afternoon. Yeah, I know. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.

Well, Randy & I drove all the way down to Gulf Shores (about 20 miles), stopping at 2 WalMarts and 1 Target before finding a pair of khaki jeans. Not what I wanted, but they work. I really wanted a pair of capris because I'd get more use of those, but that's what I get for waiting so long. I'm sure I'll wear the jeans more than I realize right now. And with the weather being so chilly, I may be glad I've got the jeans!

That was it for the day. While dinner was cooking, I went over to Pat's to download an anti-virus program for her. Dinner was good - salsa chicken and broccoli with melted cheese. Yum. Now, it's Dancing with the Stars and cross stitching, well, as soon as I post this entry, that is.

Until the next time . . .

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