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Saturday, November 15, 2008

From Chores to Chords

Woke up bright and early . . . well, at least early! ;) Had three loads of laundry in by 6:15ish. Got those done, dropped them off at the rig and jumped in the truck to go to Curves. Since I didn't go yesterday, I knew I'd better get there today. Gotta get those 3 times/week in!

Once I got back home, I got my computer time in and had a cup of coffee. Eventually, I had to get a shower and get ready to go out again. This time, Pat and I went to one of the Pickers' homes for a jam session. Kathy lives next door to the Plantation and has a wonderful home. It's a small ranch and she has some horses and her home is definitely right out of one of John Wayne's movies. It's great. Very warm and inviting.

About 25 of us were there and we just played and sang for about 2 hours. It was great. These folks are such loving people. They make us winter people feel so at home and welcome.

Pat and I got back home about 5pm and figured out dinner for 6pm. We put together a burger dinner and the four of us visited for awhile. Now, it's about 8:30 and Randy & I have kicked back in the recliners for the night. Another great day for the Guilers!

Oh, and thanks goes out to Darrell for the "c" word for music - chord! Someone else suggested concert, which isn't bad either. :)

Until the next time . . .

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