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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Curves, Cross Stitchin', Music and a Campfire

I tried to make an alliterative title, but just couldn't come up with a "c" word to replace "music." Oh, well. It's still not bad for 6:15 in the morning! And I'm posting early this morning because our internet connection was being uncooperative last night.

There's not much to share from yesterday. We had a relaxing day. I started the morning at Curves as usual for a Wednesday. Another woman in the park has gone with me this week. Donna wanted to try it out to see if she'd like to join. She does like it and now has to decide about joining. It's been kinda nice having someone else along.

Spent the rest of the morning catching up on my computer reading, breakfast and The View. I really wanted to see it yesterday to see if there would be a lot of gloating on the part of the the Obama supporters. I was pleasantly surprised when the show was very positive and upbeat.

Randy took Blackie to the vet because he just won't stop itching and has made himself raw in several places (Blackie, not Randy). I called a vet that was recommended to us and made an appointment. When Randy got back, he said that the vet was very nice and gave Blackie a shot and a prescription. The doc said that while Blackie doesn't have fleas, apparently he has been bitten by some and that's caused the allergic reaction and the itching. The vet sent home business cards and I saw them and discovered Randy hadn't gone to the vet with whom I made the appointment!! I started laughing and asked him how he could have done that. He said he never knew the name of the vet and found this one so he figured it must be the one. He said he told the receptionist that his wife had called earlier for an appointment and she didn't say anything to the contrary. I called the vet where we had the appointment to apologize and the woman who answered just started laughing and said that has happened to them before because there are several vets right along that road. She was very gracious about the whole thing. I laughed about it for the rest of the day. :)

In the afternoon several of us met at the pickin' shed to play some music for a couple of hours. It is so much fun to play with this group. I really enjoy the friends we have made in this park. Here's the picture I promised:

After playing for awhile, we all went back home for an hour or so and then congregated back together at Bob & Pam's for the almost-nightly campfire. Randy & I hung out there for a couple of hours, then it was back home to start dinner. Dinner gets eaten rather late when we gather around the campfire - it was 8pm before we ate last night!

So, that was our Wednesday. Oh yeah - in between everything else, I continued my cross stitch project. Today is a dulcimer day - Jubilee Pickers. Adn the sun is beginning to shine as I close this post. I'm sure it's gonna be another great day! Until the next time . . .


  1. Sounds like you are staying busy and that there is alot to do at the campground. We are making our plans and will probably see you guys on Tuesday or Wednesday. Keep the lighs on for us.


  2. Did you see that Erin tagged you in her "Seven Quirky Things" post? I can't WAIT to read yours!!

  3. The vet thing cracked me up!!

    I have done something similar... gone to meet a friend at the steakhouse in columbia... except, there are TWO. Ooops. :)

  4. Concert is that a word for music??
    Enjoy your blog -- i am a big bluegrass fan and always look forward to a good dulcimer player.