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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Arrival at KofA Ko-op in Yuma, AZ

We got on the road about 9am for a three hour drive from Casa Grande to Yuma, AZ. It was a very uneventful trip which is always good!

About 12:20 we pulled into the Escapees co-op, KofA Ko-op.

We knew the office would be closed for lunch, so we just fixed ourselves some lunch and ate while we waited for the office to reopen. Once it did, we paid for our stay and were escorted to our site. We got set up and settled in for a couple of hours to rest up from that arduous trip. :)

Actually, I was trying to sleep off a nasty headache. I've been fighting headaches, and losing, quite often recently. Not sure why they've been coming on so much lately, but there it is. Anyway, I took some meds and napped a little. I hoped it would ease enough for us to go out to WalMart.

I finally just got up, the headache wasn't gone, but laying around didn't seem to be helping, either. So, we headed out to WalMart and to find where Curves is so I'm not driving around in circles tomorrow morning. :)

Missions accomplished - we found Curves; picked up some groceries at WalMart; and got a couple of subs from Subway for dinner.

Just watching TV this evening. Not sure what's happening tomorrow. Until then . . .


  1. Yeah, I've got my laptop working and get to read about your adventures! (I think I'm addicted to your blog 'cause I was scrambling to get this laptop working again!). Sorry about your headaches, have you tried relaxation exercises? Soothing music? Sex?

  2. Looks like a nice place to stay, is it expensive?
    Don and Cheryl

  3. Don & Cheryl, it is a nice park. It's $18 plus elec and taxes for Escapees members. I don't know if they allow nonmembers to stay. Since it's a co-op, there are different rules than those of an Escapees Rainbow park.