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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Casa Grande Ruins Monument and Dinner with Matthew

Yesterday was a full day! I started it at Curves, then came home and got ready to go out for the day. We went out to breakfast first - needed to get some fuel for our explorations. :)

Casa Grande Ruins Monument was our destination. In 1892, this park was the first one in the nation to be designated as an archeological reserve and became a national monument in 1918. It preserves the remains of a Hohokam farming village which includes the Great House or,
"Casa Grande." Paraphrasing the brochure, the Hohokam people come from hunter-gatherers who have been called, "first masters of the American Desert." Their culture was lived along the Gila and Salt Rivers, in permanent settlements, making pottery and trading their wares, which include jewelry.

In addition to the Casa Grande, you will find walls from other structures in the community as well as the remains of a three story house. Across the complex is a ball court and what is left of their village center.

It is amazing to stand where these people lived, worked and play more than 700 years ago! To be able to see the work of their hands and walk among the ruins of their homes just boggles my mind. I continue to be in awe of these people that we think of as plain, unsophisticated and "savage." They are much more complex and brilliant than our "civilization" gives them credit for. When I experience places like this and see the buildings they've built, I often wonder how much of our culture will be standing 700 years from now!

Our afternoon was spent relaxing in the rig and napping (for me).

The evening was spent with our nephew, Matthew. We had not seen him in several years, so we were looking forward to being with him. We met at his home, which is lovely! He even has a small pool in his backyard. Matthew was gracious and treated us to dinner at a gourmet Mexican restaurant. We laughed about that because none of us had ever heard of a
gourmet Mexican restaurant! And we wondered if they'd let us in as we were dressed very casually! (Imagine that!) Well, they did let us in and we had a wonderful meal! The food was great and the conversation was even better. It was so good catching up with Matthew and seeing how happy he is with his life.

This was a good stop in our journey. We got to see family and reconnect with an old friend. Doesn't get much better than that! Later today, we're going to an ostrich farm!! Bet you can't wait to see those pics! ;)

Until the next time . . .

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