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Sunday, March 15, 2009

A MUCH Better Day!

Thank goodness today was a much better day than yesterday! It started out rather unexcitingly with three loads of laundry. After getting my coffee and breakfast, I joined Pat for an hour of exercise.

Yes, I actually did an exercise program voluntarily and it wasn't Curves. Don't know what I was thinking! But, Pat encouraged me to go, so what the heck. It was definitely a good workout. About an hour after we had finished the workout, we headed over to the pool. Pat is gonna kill me before I leave here! She is an exercise nut! She and Russ are always doing some type of physical activity - they bike for miles; walk 2 miles twice a day most days; Pat does various exercise programs here at the park; AND she swims laps for 30 minutes several times a week. I am amazed by all she does.

The pool was fantastic. We had it all to ourselves. So we floated, did a little exercising and floated some more. It was wonderful. Then I got out while Pat swam her laps. I read a bit and just soaked up some sun. Marvelous.

All of the above was done by 12:30 this afternoon!

The afternoon was spent hanging out at the rig. Just catching up on computer time, reading and watching some TV. And we got network channels on our satellite now! YAY! We can now record network shows. I am so excited.

This evening there was a St. Patrick's Day party here at the park. The band was pretty good and played all different types of music, but mostly country. Lots of folks danced and everyone had fun. To get in you either had to bring a snack to share or pay $2. We brought a snack. The park provided wine and coffee, and you could also BYOB. We had a good time and enjoyed people-watching, as usual.

Aren't we just too cute?
Definitely enjoyed today much more than yesterday! Still haven't gotten our package, but hoping it shows up on Monday. Tomorrow Russ & Pat are going to join us for church. We're going back to Brian & Claudia's church. It'll be good to see them one more time before we leave and Brian's sister, Vanessa, is supposed to be there, too. Looking forward to seeing her.

Hope you had a good Saturday! Until the next time . . .

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