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Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Nice Way to End our Time in Yuma

Today was going to be a laid-back day at home. I did laundry early this morning. Then we went out to breakfast at Penny's Diner. It's a small place that looks like the diners of the '50s. Good food.

Back at home, I threw on my muumuu and proceeded to watch a couple of the Nora Roberts' movies I'd recorded. I also did some research on tours in the Los Angeles area for next week. Randy was outside working hard on cleaning the inside of the truck. With all the wind the last couple of days (and me leaving the windows partially down the other night!), there was a coating of dust everywhere!

I keep meaning to tell you about the citrus orchards here. They are everywhere! We are surrounded by them. There are lemon and orange groves.

The smell is overwhelming - in a good way. :) The fruit is thick on the branches and some has fallen to the ground. I didn't realize that this area was big on citrus growth, but there you have it. And at the orchards near our park, lots of small white birds that look like little egrets hang out at the irrigation canals. They are adorable.

Then came a wonderful surprise! Midway through the afternoon we got a call from Russ & Pat - they had just pulled into Yuma!! We were so surprised and thrilled. They were supposed to be on their way to Las Vegas to meet up with family next week. But, they had a change of plans and needed to be in Palm Springs for a couple of days before going on to Las Vegas. And, Yuma was a good halfway point to stop.

So, we got to have dinner with them tonight. YAY! Whenever the four of us go out to dinner, Russ always votes for Mexican. They knew of a small Mexican restaurant in town so we met there. It is located in a house - literally.

It's in the middle of a residential area and was once a house. The food was good, but the company was better. How nice to see them again so soon! We're hoping to catch up again in Colorado.

A wonderful way to end our stay in Yuma - dinner with good friends. Tomorrow we continue our trek west to San Diego. Looking forward to that.

Until the next time . . .

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  1. Safe travels!

    By the way, I think the white birds are cattle egrets? Did they have some tan on their back near the tail and on their front?