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Monday, March 23, 2009


I have to apologize - when I was sharing the events of our day yesterday, I was neglected to tell you that Randy gave Blackie a bath. He (Randy, not Blackie) told me about it last night when he was reading the blog. So, to give my wonderful husband the credit he deserves - he did bathe Blackie yesterday. There, now my conscious is clear. :)

Today was another beautiful day - sunshine and temps in the 80s. It was a bit windy, but that kept it from being too warm; didn't need the A/C today. However, as I write this at almost 10:30 at night, the wind is quite blustery as Pooh would say. Living in an RV when the wind is blowing hard is always interesting.

This morning we attended the church service held here at the campground. Generally, campground church is very generic with someone from the park leading the service. Not here. A real live pastor preached. He brought a couple with him who lead music. Apparently, these folks have an RV park ministry - they go to different parks and hold worship services. Ours was the second of the day. Isn't that neat? Anyway, it was a pretty decent message out of Romans 12.

This evening we drove up to Mesa to meet Neil & Alexis. As I've mentioned previously, Neil and his family attended Covenant Baptist in Columbia, MD back in the 80s and 90s. We've not seen him since the early 90s but we became "friends" via Facebook just recently. When I found out he and his wife were in the Phoenix area, I suggested getting together. I was so glad when he agreed. :)

We had a terrific time together. At least, Randy & I did. We're hoping that Neil and Alexis did as well. :) I think they did. We met at their home which is very nice. They have four beautiful cats. We went out to dinner at a Greek restaurant where we were able to dine outside. It was lovely. The food was delicious and the company was great. We reminisced a bit; well, Neil & I did most of that. But, Alexis and Randy put up with us. We laughed a lot. And we just caught up with each others' lives. They are a wonderful young couple with so much life ahead of them. We wish them well in their pursuits.

The drive home was quiet. After we pulled into our site and got out of the car, I noticed that the sky was just FULL of stars. Randy pointed out several constellations to me - he's so good with that stuff. All I know is the sky was beautiful. Nice end to a great evening.

Tomorrow we get to see our nephew, Matthew!! SO looking forward to that!

Until the next time . . .

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