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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Does It Get Any Better Than This???

What a day! What A day! WHAT A DAY!!!! This has been a wonderful day. Got up early and did laundry as I usually do on Saturday mornings. And that was it - that was the only thing that HAD to be done today. The rest of the day was open to whatever came along.

After the laundry was done, I had my coffee, watched a bit of the news on Fox & Friends and caught up on my blog reading. After awhile, the sun had been up long enough that it had warmed up nicely outside, so Randy & I took a walk around the park. When we got back to the rig, Randy got my recliner out of "the basement," and I set myself up outside for the rest of the morning. As I sat there cross stitching, with the sun pouring down on me and a glass of iced tea beside me, I thought that life could not get any better than it is right now. It was absolute perfection.

After a bit, Pat came over to see if I wanted to go to the pool with her. YES! the pool. This park has a heated pool and Pat tends to go over every afternoon to swim laps and exercise. I jumped at the chance to go. So, we did. It was glorious! The pool was a perfect temperature - not like bath water, but warm enough that you didn't have to inch your way into it. Pat and I talked while we exercised. After a bit, Pat swam some laps and I just laid in the sun. Aaaaahhhhhh!

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching TV until it was time to get dinner ready. Russ & Pat came over for spinach quesadillas. They brought a salad and homemade guacamole. Both were very good. We had a good dinner and better conversation. It's great how you can just pick up where you left off with some folks. We sat around after dinner chatting for a bit. It was a nice way to end the day.

Tomorrow we're going to church with Brian & Claudia, then out to lunch. I can't wait to see them!

Hope you had a good day, too. So glad my East Coast family and friends are enjoying great weather this weekend. Until the next time . . .

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  1. I love Spinach!!! Sounds like your enjoying life!! Way to go!!