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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh, Let's Just Spend MORE Money!

No Curves again for me this morning as the truck was still in the shop. So, I had another leisurely start to the day. Coffee, computer, and GMA. I did end up taking 2 laps around the park, however. I knew I needed to get some exercise since I wasn't going to Curves, but the main reason I walked was to try to ease the headache I've had since yesterday. I've learned, fortunately or unfortunately, that exercise usually eases the pain of a headache. The walk helped some, so I was ready to get on with the day.

We went to breakfast with Russ & Pat since this was the last day we'd get to do that for several months. The restaurant is called Coyote Pause; a very apt name for this area. We hear the coyotes howling every night. It's pretty cool. Anyway, we had a good breakfast. Then, Randy called the dealer and found out the truck was ready for pick up.

Before we left for the dealer, though, we took the time to meander through a boutique that was in the same center as the restaurant. The store carried all different kinds of things, mostly on consignment. They had lots of dishware, handmade jewlery, blankets, etc. I did pick up a small wooden cross that was made out of dead saguaro cactus. That's not as nasty as it sounds, I promise. :) But, since the saguaro is protected, it can't be "harvested," so I guess the creator of the crosses needed to put a disclaimer on the product. It's a pretty cross and I think it will look nice hanging in the rig.

Russ & Pat dropped us off at the Ford dealer so we could pick up the truck. Six hundred dollars later we could take the truck home with us. Ugh. We had to replace the two front tires and then, of course, have the front end aligned. The worst of this is that we had just bought SIX new tires for the truck last June!! Apparently, the brand we purchased were not of the highest caliber and so they wore unevenly causing the truck to vibrate and go out of alignment. Now we have to try to get the shop from which we bought the tires to make some kind of restitution since the tires were fairly new. That's gonna be fun.

The rest of the afternoon was fairly quiet. We joined Russ & Pat for a bit at a happy hour they attended. We left after about an hour because my head was beginning to hurt again and Randy wanted to get some things stored in preparation for traveling tomorrow.

Yes, we are traveling tomorrow to Casa Grande, AZ, which is just south of Phoenix. I have such mixed emotions about leaving here. We have SO enjoyed spending time with Russ and Pat. Plus, Randy & I both have really fallen in love with this area. But, I know we have more excitement waiting for us down the road. And we get to see our nephew, Matthew, at our next stop. I am really looking forward to that. We haven't seen him in several years.

Wishing you all a great start to the weekend. Until the next time . . .

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  1. Anonymous9:10 AM

    How long will you be staying in Casa Grande, and where will you be staying?
    Al Viscardi