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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Technology – 1; Guiler – 1

I forgot to tell you that we found our UPS package yesterday. It had been delivered last Friday as the tracking indicated. However, the UPS guy put it in a mailbox with someone's name on it! Short term camper mail has a generic place and this guy puts it in a specific person's box! If we hadn't decided to go through everyone's box, we wouldn't have found it. Ugh. I hate it when people are sloppy about their jobs! But, we found it and that's what's important.

The package contained a router for us to use with our air card. Since Randy now has his own computer, we needed to make our air card available to both of us. While Randy went out to play with Russ at the Pima Air & Space Museum, I decided to take care of some technology installations.

The first thing I did was set up the router. It seems to go pretty smoothly. Then, I set up the new printer. That was a piece of cake. While it was finishing up, I went to the pool with Pat.

Oh, my goodness. The pool was just glorious. The air temp was in the mid 80s, so I was looking forward to the pool - and it didn't disappoint. :) Pat did her laps and I just lounged in the pool. I did a bit of exercise, but didn't feel compelled to do much since I had been to Curves already this morning. I just enjoyed the refreshing water. After a bit, I got out and laid in the sun, reading and soaking up the sun. Aaaaaaaaaahhhh. Got back in when I got warm and once I was cooled off again, sat in the sun a little more. Tough life, huh? :)

Got back to the rig a little after 1pm expecting to watch a bit of TV and do some cross stitching. To my surprise, Randy was home already. He and Russ enjoyed the museum, but decided against the airplane graveyard. Randy said they had seen it from the road and it didn't look like it was worth the cost of the ticket. He did say he really enjoyed the museum, though. Here are a couple of the planes they saw, courtesy of Russ.

To explain the title of this post - the router apparently WASN'T set up. Before I went to the pool, both of the computers were connected to the internet through the router. When I got back, they weren't and we couldn't get them to connect again. I tried to go through the process again from scratch, but no go. VERY FRUSTRATING!! So, Randy took over. And he is like a dog with a bone - doesn't let go. We decided part of the problem was trying to make the router secure. So, we decided to leave it unsecure. Well, that worked for my computer, but Randy still cannot connect to it. We cannot figure it out. Guess it's gonna be a call to tech support. That will be Randy 'cause I just do not have the patience for it. I'm ready to send the darn thing back.

So, I was successful with the printer set up, but we are still not fully set up with the router. Not happy. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Until the next time . . .

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  1. I ended up calling tech support when I hooked up our cradlepoint, works great and is secure. Good luck with yours.

    Stay Safe