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Monday, March 09, 2009

A Good Breakfast and Exploration

Before I share our day, I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! to our grandson, Tommy. He turned 10 yesterday and I didn't shout it out here! So, I'm sorry, Tommy, for the delayed birthday wishes. So glad you had a good day! We love you.

I started the day with a session at Curves. It is so close here - less than 4 miles away! No excuses here!

We spent the day with Russ & Pat, beginning with a great breakfast at, where else?, Cracker Barrel!! I had teased Randy that he was starting to go through withdrawal because it had been weeks/months since he last had a meal there, so of course we needed to go since there was one close by. :)

After filling our bellies, we went for a drive through Saguaro National Park and then Tucson Mountain Park. This area is just beautiful - the scenery is fantastic. You look to one side and you see mountains forever. Then you turn and all you can see is desert landscape with all different kinds of vegetation. Some of the vistas were breathtaking. Russ & Pat were wonderful "tour guides."

When we got back to the park, Pat & I played music for almost 2 hours. Pat also plays the dulcimer! It was nice being able to play with someone again. We're sure to do more of that over these next couple of weeks.

I was also able to get a good haircut this afternoon. There is a woman in the park who is a hair stylist and I was thrilled that she was able to cut my hair today. It was getting on my nerves!

And this shows you just how good friends Russ & Pat are - we can't get the local ABC station here, it just won't come in. Well, Dancing with the Stars premiered tonight and I was really bummed 'cause I wasn't going to be able to see it. Russ & Pat recorded it for me!! How nice is that? I went over about 8pm after we had gone to a satellite TV Q&A this evening in the park. So, I got to watch the whole show tonight! Thanks so much, Russ & Pat!

That's it for today. Tomorrow we're hitting some stores. Randy wants to get a small GPS, like Garmin or TomTom for us to use in town and we're also looking to get him his own laptop. Russ & Pat need to go to Sam's so we're going to make a day of shopping. Who knows what else we may get into? I'll let you know!

Until the next time . . .

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