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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Marathon Shopping Day

We had a whirlwind of a day! It started for me with a workout at Curves. Then back home for coffee, computer time and some breakfast. After that it was out for a day of shopping with Russ and Pat.

Randy & I needed to go to Best Buy because we've decided it's time to add a computer to our family. :) We've shared very nicely for almost five years on the road, but now we're going to each have our own. Randy found one of those netbooks he likes at Best Buy, so we were off to buy that, a router to give us wireless internet connection AND a GPS. Yes, Best Buy was gonna get lots of the Guiler money today - or so we thought!

Russ & Pat also had shopping to do at various stores, so we decided to do it together. They needed to Sam's, and a few grocery stores, ones we've never been to. So it was going to be an adventure. :)

See what a positive spin I've put on shopping? Aren't you proud of me?

Getting back to Best Buy . . . We were all set to part with our money and found out that they did not have the netbook Randy wanted in stock! UGH! I hate that. But, a shipment was to come in tonight, so we're going back first thing in the morning to get it. We found a fairly inexpensive GPS to get as well. It's really just a back up for us 'cause we do our big trips on software stored on the computer. This one will be nice for cruising around towns. As for the router; the only one Best Buy carries is waaaayyyyy too expensive. Randy said he's found others online that he'd rather get. So, we left Best Buy emptyhanded. But, I don't think that will be the case tomorrow.

We had started the journey at Sam's Club, then it was Best Buy and WalMart. We caught some lunch at Boston Market before we continued our jaunt around Tucson and its grocery stores. :) After lunch we went to Sunflower Market which I had never heard of! It's a store full of organic foods. Russ & Pat like it for its produce. We did pick up a yellow bell pepper. And we paid for it, too! ;)

The next stop was a used bookstore!!!!!! I was so psyched! I love bookstores - I could blow our entire budget on books, that is, if I were that unstable. :) I did buy 10 books, though. I found a bunch of Nora Roberts' very early books that I had figured I'd never find. Very cool.

From the bookstore we went to Trader Joe's. Now, I have heard of this store but had never been in one. Again, it's kind of a yuppy, granola-type store, but we managed to purchase a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine.

Are you exhausted yet? Well, the four of us were! It was after 3pm and time to go home. We had been out and about since 10am. I was on shopping overload, but I actually enjoyed it. Of course, it's easy to have fun with people you like being with.

Once back at the park, the four of us went to our respective rigs to regroup a bit. A little later we did a walk around the park - Russ & Pat did three laps for a 2 mile walk while Randy & I wimped out after two laps and only 1.5 miles! :) HEY! I went to Curves this morning, remember!

The rest of the evening has been spent relaxing in our chairs, watching TV and computer time. Randy did order us a router, too. All in all a fairly productive day. Hope yours was as well.

Until the next time . . .


  1. Terry, I love how you talk about shopping...I feel the same way! :-)

  2. sounds like a busy day!!
    BTW, I enjoy Trader Joes- they have some great frozen stuff for quick dinners and these amazing chips. But, it can be overwhelming all that granola stuff!

  3. Lindsay7:11 AM

    Yeah, I miss having a Trader's Joe's in PA. There aren't any... I like that store.