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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Church, Shopping, Sunset & Owls

Sound like a diverse day, doesn't it? Well, it was!

Russ and Pat joined us for church this morning, which was great! We went back to Epic Church where Brian & Claudia worship. We went there for a couple of reasons; one, we enjoyed it last week and two, Brian's sister, Vanessa, is visiting them this week and I really wanted to see her again. It's been several years since I've seen her and I was looking forward to getting to hug on her a bit. I wasn't disappointed - she looks great and it was wonderful to to see that. Jake, their pastor, gave a really good message and that started the day off well.

If you know Brian & Claudia and think of it, pray for this church, it's just getting started and has 25 to 30 regular attenders. They seem to be on the right track and really want to serve God by serving the city of Tucson and sharing God with it.

From church, we decided we needed to get some breakfast, so we went to the Hungry Fox restaurant. Very homey and great food. We certainly got our money's worth there!

Fully fortified, we were heading back home when Pat asked the question - need to stop anywhere before we go home? Well, the answer was yes, of course. :) Randy & I needed milk and Russ & Pat needed some bananas so we were going to make a quick grocery stop. Then, I remembered we needed to buy a new printer, so that meant a trip to WalMart! Thank goodness, we could get both the printer and the food at WalMart which meant we really only had to make the one stop.

The economy was stimulated a little more by both the Guilers and the Petersons! We bought a printer and some grocery items and they bought their bananas AND a new surround sound system! We finally got home sometime after 2pm. I laughed and said that our outings turn into all day affairs!

Back home, it was time to relax and try to get rid of the headache that had been plaguing me all day. I took some meds and tried napping but nothing helped. I finally decided to take a walk 'cause I've found that exercise has helped eased my headaches. Seems weird to me, but it works, so I'm not gonna argue. I went over to see if Pat wanted to walk with me and she did.

We walked a couple of miles - one of which was a loop out into the desert. It was so peaceful. When we got back, it was almost time for the sun to set, so we walked up to the lookout here at the park to get some pictures. It was beautiful.

I have also been wanting to get some pictures of the owls that reside here at the park. So, that was our next venture. We did see them. It was great. Seeing them in their nests and then flying from perch to perch was just amazing. They are such beautiful birds. What a great way to end the day.

Male owl - can you see him?

Female owl

AND my headache was gone!

Tomorrow we're planning to go to the Desert Museum. We've been told this is a must-see. We'll let you know!

Until the next time . . .


  1. The Desert Museum is terrific. Hope you enjoy. Also if no one has told you, or you don't already know, consider buying a "Tucson Passport" for great money savings at many events in Tucson.
    Be blessed

  2. I do soooo envy you walking in the desert. I was doing that from next door at Diamond J last year at this time.