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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday in Casa Grande

Since it was Saturday, you know how my day started - in the laundry room! Yep, just a little past 6:30 this morning, I had three loads of laundry in the washing machines. I know, I know - that's early. But, I've found that I don't have to fight for position if I do it then and that's worth it to me. I'm usually all done by 8am and that's great.

Randy & I spent the rest of the morning on our computers (yes, WE are enjoying having two!). We took Blackie for a walk around the park. Then I put the laundry away, cleaned the bathroom and updated the finances.

After lunch Randy made another attempt at setting up our router. And this time he was successful! YAY! Apparently you need to turn off the pop-up blocker in order to set up the system. Once Randy did that, the rest of the set up was a piece of cake. So, we now have our own mini network.

We then took another walk around the park with Blackie.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent watching a western we had recorded awhile ago. While watching TV, I continued to make progress on my cross stitch project. I also took a short nap. Wild time, huh?

Dinner was leftover Hamburger Taco Pie from earlier this week. It was still very tasty. Randy said this was definitely a keeper! :) After dinner, Randy called me outside to see the sunset. It was just gorgeous. As we stood there watching the sun go down, I felt such contentment that I thanked God for His goodness. I told Randy I couldn't believe that we got to watch such beauty for free! :) And I get to share it with you:

And we took one more walk around with park with Blackie. :)

Just another day in our phenomenal life. Until the next time . . .

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