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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Guiler Stimulus Package

No, it's not a package we received - it's one we bestowed on the retail community! :) In the past 24 hours, we recycled some of our tax refund back into the economy by purchasing:
  • breakfast in a local restaurant
  • wireless router;
  • mani/pedicure;
  • netbook; and
  • portable GPS.
Now, what have YOU done recently to help the economy? :)

Once we got home this afternoon, Randy got busy learning all about his netbook. I went with Pat to a jam session at one of her friend's sites. There were four guitar players, a banjo player and two dulcimer players (one of whom was me!). I knew very few of the song and they played in all different keys, but I tried to keep up and chord along with them. It was fun.

This evening Russ & Pat had us over for dinner. Very yummy. As usual we had a great time together, laughing and chatting. After dinner, we made plans to go to Tombstone tomorrow. I'm looking forward to that!

Until the next time . . .

1 comment:

  1. I contributed to the economy at the Gymboree Outlet today! Bought 2 prs of socks, 2 tops, 2 prs of pants, and a headband.
    Then at White Barn I bought some of those oil refils for my "wallflowers".
    But, you probably spured the economy on more than I b/c Best Buy is not a place most men get out of inexpensively!