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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Visit to an Ostrich Ranch

Our morning started out pretty slow. I did go to Curves and work out, then came home and posted a blog entry for yesterday. So, you're getting two for one today. :) Once that was done, we headed out for our destination for today.

We went to Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch! It was fantastic!! If you are anywhere near the Phoenix area, you have got to take an hour and go there. Absolute must. It is just $5 admission and that gives you feed and nectar for the ostriches, deer, donkeys, and lorikeets. More than enough feed when there are two of you because each of you gets some.

We had a blast! Who would have thought Randy was Dr. Doolittle and The Lorikeet Whisperer in one? While snapped pictures, Randy feed the animals. The ostriches were so aggressive they pulled one of the cups of feed right out of his hand. I'm just glad they didn't get his hand! :)

The donkeys were miniature Sicilian donkeys and so cute. They were females and many of them were pregnant. There was one baby - just three weeks old.

The best, though, were the Lorikeets. First, they are absolutely gorgeous. Their coloring is so bright; the sign called them rainbow birds and for good reason. Again, Randy had the nectar and I was photographer. It was great. At one point, he had at least seven, maybe eight birds perched on his arms and shoulders. The birds would jockey for position to get to the nectar in the container Randy held.

There was one pair that never left a tree - they were mates. They were snuggling and loving on each other. Lorikeets mate for life and these two seem pretty happy with themselves.

Again, this is a must see/do. You can't beat the price and it is so much fun being in the middle of these animals.

Tomorrow is a travel day. We're moving on to Yuma, AZ. The main thing Randy wants to do there is visit the Yuma Territorial Prison Historic State Park. That should be interesting. :)

Until the next time . . .


  1. Lindsay6:55 AM

    OMG!!!!! Reagan and I loved that baby donkey! You should have seen her face. She said, "AWWWWW!" and had the sweetest face looking at the picture. And those birds are gorgeous! So cute snuggling like that. Glad you had fun. Who knew it would be like that!?

  2. that is so cool! That baby donkey is adorable and the birds are amazing!
    Looks like a great place to visit! If we ever get ourselves that far west that will have to be a stop we make! Although for some reasons Ostriches, ostrichi, ostrich (what is the plural of that animal?) anyway ostrich creatures sorta freak me out...