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Friday, March 13, 2009

A Frustrating Day

Yeah, it was one of those days - DO NOT say it was Friday the 13th, 'cause I don't believe in that stuff! :)

I got up this morning kinda dragging - just didn't feel like functioning. But, after my quiet time and some prayer, I felt like I could face the day a bit better. I got out, went to Curves and came home expecting to have a great day in the beautiful weather we were going to have today. We were supposed to clean, but I just couldn't give up the sunshine for that!

So, after getting a cup of coffee, some breakfast, and computer time, I got myself set up outside to enjoy the sunshine and work on my latest cross stitch project. And that's when it all went down hill . . .

I remembered I needed to fax some paperwork to All American Direct who has a contract with Dish that allows RVers to receive national network channels. With that paperwork, there has to be a copy of our current RV registration. No problem, right? Just run a copy off our printer. Nope! Printer did not want to do anything. We thought maybe the ink had finally run out so Randy replaced the ink cartridges. Didn't work. It kept wanting us to "align" the cartridges, but when I'd follow the prompts, the printer just chugged and did nothing. UGH. Randy thought maybe the driver had been corrupted somehow, so I searched and found a driver to download for free. After all that was done - NOTHING!! The daggone thing STILL wouldn't work. Guess we'll add a little more $$ to the economy and buy a new printer.

I finally just went to the campground office and had them make a copy of the registration and then faxed the paperwork. But, what a pain.

While I was at the office, I checked the mail to see if our wireless router had arrived. We'd ordered it Tuesday and paid for 2nd day air, so it should have been here today. You guessed it - no router. I came back to the rig and checked online for the UPS tracking of the package. Well, the status showed the package having been delivered - at 10:55am TODAY! No way! I had been down to the office around 2pm.

Of course, I called UPS and they said they showed it as having been delivered and the only thing I could do was called the company from whom we ordered the router and have them call UPS to make a claim which would start an investigation. I asked how long it could take to get an answer and was told up to 8 days - of course we're leaving here in a week. We've gotten a couple of calls today since then from UPS asking about the package. Randy keeps telling them the same thing - the UPS guy puts all packages at the mailboxes outside the campground office. AND OURS ISN'T THERE!! They are supposed to come out Monday to check. Don't know what they're going to check, but we'll see what happens.

Needless to say I was completely frustrated by this afternoon. I have a hard time dealing with circumstances that just seem stupid to me. Yes, I have a low tolerance for ignorance or incompetence. And when technology doesn't work as it should, I am not happy.

But, Pat called to aske me to go to the pool with her late this afternoon and that saved the day. It was great to be in the pool and relax. Made me feel much better. I'm sure Randy was glad about that! :)

Hopefully, the rest of the weekend will go a little smoother. Until the next time . . .

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  1. Check next door at Diamond J. Sometimes they get confused and deliver to the wrong address. It happened to people when we stayed at Diamond J - mail went next door.

    Just a thought!