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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Busy Day

We had lots to do today, very unusual for us. :)

Our first stop was WalMart to drop off prescription refills. Since most of them needed to be transferred from another WalMart, it was easier to drop them off and pick them up later.

After that chore was done, it was off to play music with Jubilee Pickers. As is usual for us, we had a good time, played lots of songs and enjoyed the fellowship of the group.

Then it was time for lunch. Much of the group was going to a new Mexican restaurant, but Dick wanted to go to the Chinese buffet since we'd not been there since last winter. :) I don't get Chinese food very often 'cause it's not Randy's favorite so I was on board for that! Randy was a good sport and went along with the three of us. Good thing, too, since he was driving! :)

Once we were stuffed, it was time to go to the library. We dropped off books, picked out new ones and were on our way.

Back to WalMart. Picked up the prescriptions – without any aggravation this time! (You'd have to have read a blog post from December to understand that it wasn't so easy getting the refills last time.) Picked up some groceries and were out the door.

We got home a little past 2pm and have been vegging ever since. I didn't even make dinner 'cause we were still full from lunch. Not a bad deal for me. :)

Another fun day planned for tomorrow. I get to spend the day with my friend Susan and then Randy & I are going to her house for a fried fish dinner with her and Jim. Lucky us.

Until the next time . . .

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  1. I have to say I am with Randy on the Chinese food. I like some Oriental foods, but too few to mention. Hope you fish fry turns out well. Have fun.