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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Good Weekend So Far

Yesterday was a great day! I was too tired to post last night though, so you're getting another two-fer. :)

After hitting Curves first thing in the morning – and I do mean, first thing! I was there and working out by 7am. I've gotten to where I kinda like going in later, about 9am, but I had things to do yesterday so I needed to get in and get out.

Back home, I got my shower and had some breakfast. Then Randy took me to Jim & Susan's house as Susan and I were spending the day together running errands before coming back to their house for a fish fry dinner. Randy would come back later for that.

Susan and I had such a good time together! Our first stop was Hobby Lobby. Susan is making wreaths for a craft show later in the year and needed some ribbon. I just browsed a bit, finding some Valentine stuff for the kids.

We then drove into Mobile for a stop at Lifeway Christian Bookstore. This was the main reason for our outing. Our Bible study group decided our next study woujld be Beth Moore's “Here and Now – There and Then” which is a study of the book of Revelation. Susan needed to buy the books and video kit and Lifeway is the closest bookstore that carries it.

Needless to say we wandered about the store for quite a bit before we made the purchases for which we came. I can't ever just walk in and out of a bookstore without meandering for awhile. But, I was good and didn't buy a thing. Not that I wasn't very tempted!

By now it was lunchtime. We headed back toward home and I suggested we go to Cousin Vinny's, an Italian bistro in Daphne that we love. I was surprised that Susan had never been there since she's a native to this area. I'm glad to say the food was as good as always and Susan enjoyed it as much as I did. :) It's always a little nervewracking when you rave about a place – you want it to mee the expectation!

One more stop, at the grocery store for items for dinner, and we were back at Susan's house. When Randy arrived, it was time to get started on dinner. Jim and Randy were in charge of the frying while Susan and I took care of the inside cooking and preparation.

We had a FEAST! Fried speckled trout (right out of Jim & Susan's lake!), fried shrimp, homemade french fries, hush puppies and cole slaw.

Fish fry with Jim & Susan

YummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmEEEEEEE! The kind of dinner that will send you right to the cardiologist's office. But, boy was it good.

After dinner, we waddled ourselves to the sun room and continued with good conversation and socializing. Jim & Susan are great folks and we are grateful for the fabulous friendship we are growing.

This morning was another early one for me. I had two loads of laundry going by 6:50, so that I was done and back to the RV by 8:30. I grabbed a shower and breakfast and was back out the door by 9:40 to go to a dulcimer workshop with Pat.

The workshop lasted about two hours, so I was home by noon. Busy morning!

The weather has turned just beautiful – with temps in the high 60s yesterday and today. After I ate some lunch, I went outside to do my Bible study lesson. It was just too pretty to sit inside. Once I was done, I read some and napped a bit. I was woken up when the clouds took over and I got chilled. (I continued my nap inside!)

Randy enjoyed his day, on the computer and watching some DVR'd TV shows. He's so easy to please.:)

Randy went to work this evening and grilled pork chops for dinner. They were good, as usual. I added some veggies and leftover pasta. We ate good again tonight.

Now we're settled in for the evening, in our recliners and watching TV. Yes, life is good.

Until the next time . . .

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  1. A busy couple of days you have had. Friends are great. Your meal sounded very good.