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Monday, January 03, 2011

A Little Sad . . .

Our morning started with a visit to the GP. Both Randy & I take blood pressure meds so our doctor likes to see us every three months to ensure that all is going well. Since we're not always in the area during those particular intervals, we see her whenever we're in this area. Glad to say we both checked out fine and are good to go until May. :)

This afternoon Lindsay, Reagan, Randy & I ran some errands and ate lunch at Isaac's, a deli-like restaurant with scrumptious sandwiches and soups.

Once we got home, it was quiet time for Reagan and me. :) We watched the latest Shrek movie. It's still funny, four movies later. I will confess, however, I missed some of it when I zz'd out a couple of times!

This evening has been very laid back. Just watching TV and enjoying each other. Of course, I was grabbing as much snuggle time as I could. :)

And I'm feeling a little sad because tomorrow we'll be leaving in the early morning to head back to SC. We've got an eleven hour drive ahead of us, so we want to get as early a start as possible. Of course, I'm sure we'll hit rush hour traffic along the way, but we'll deal with it.

It's always hard to leave the kids. For me, this is the absolute toughest, biggest drawback to our lifestyle. I know a lot of folks don't struggle with it, but I sure do. Once we're back on the road, I'm pretty good, but when we first leave? Not so much. Oh, well. Just a little less than five months and we'll be home again.

Snugglin' . . .


Until the next time . . .

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  1. I know how you feel. Love seein them, but hate leaving them. My daughter, Shannon is 46, and she and I still blubber like babies when we leave. Stay safe.