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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Good Weekend

Yesterday was a fairly laid back day. Unfortunately, I didn't sleep well at Friday night, finally falling asleep sometime after 3:30am. I was back up before 7am and heading over to do laundry. I had lots of laundry to do – almost two weeks worth! I got lucky and had the laundry room all to myself the entire time. That's why I get up so early on Saturdays to do the laundry – I don't have to share. :)

Once I got that done, I came home and made us a nice brunch of crustless quiche and sausage biscuits. It was yummy.

The rest of the afternoon wasn't so yummy. Out of nowhere, I got hit with a nasty headache. I ended up in bed for the afternoon, sleeping it off.

We cleaned out the refrigerator for dinner and watched TV the rest of the night.

This morning we went to church. It was great to be back at Silverhill Covenant Church. Randy & I were welcomed with much love and excitement. So very nice.

After the service we went to lunch with Jim & Susan. Catching up with them was so nice. We really enjoy the friendship that has grown between the four of us. Looking forward to spending time with them over the next few months.

Coming home with a full belly just set me up for a nice little nap this afternoon. Much to my surprise, it was two hours later when I opened my eyes!

This evening the park was hosting International Food Night. More than 25 people signed up to bring dishes to share and for $3/person, one could wander around sampling all that was available.

Internatl Food NightFolks are lined up!Our table

Not a bad deal. We raised $350 for the Escapees CARE ministry. The food was great, as usual.

The Chenilles performed and was a hit. I love being part of that group – so much fun.

Chenilles performP1130038

Don & Jenny came, too.

Don & Jenny

When we were together the other night at Darrell & Judy's, we told them they needed to “experience” seeing The Chenilles perform. :) Everyone needs to do that, at least once. So, they came and did enjoy the performance as well as the food.

Now, we're back at the RV, settled in for the night. It's just so good to be getting back into the routine of the Plantation and being with friends. You're never lonely, bored, or hungry at an Escapees park. Or, if you are, it's your own dang fault!

Until the next time . . .

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  1. Ok, I'm jealous!!! Sounds like such fun. As you will remember, January is not my favorite month. Nothing going on, no garden to work, and it's so cold. Fortunately, Debbie is taking me along for her real estate conference to Pinehurst, NC tomorrow. Thank goodness or I'd go crazy around the house!!