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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Getting Ready

This morning we met Cheri for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. It was so good to see her one last time before we leave this area. We spent a couple of hours chatting and enjoying a good meal. (Is there any other kind at CB???) Then it was hugs and good-bye.

Back at home Randy got working outside, putting away yard banners, storing the Christmas tree and emptying tanks. All the chores necessary to readying the rig for travel. Inside I straightened some things up and made a batch of egg salad for the road.

I also went over to Gene & Judi's to share with them the pictures I had taken yesterday during our trip to Hilton Head. Judi had brought their camera, but had forgotten to put the battery in it before leaving the house. :) We chatted for a bit and will say our “see ya laters” tomorrow morning.

We'll take our time getting on the road tomorrow, probably not leaving until close to noon. When we're going to spend the night on the road, we leave later than usual because we don't want to end up in a WalMart or CB parking lot at 2:00 in the afternoon. So, we'll drive as far as Randy is comfortable, pull off for the night, and then just have a few hours to travel to get to the Plantation. :)

If you'd like to see some more pictures from our day at Hilton Head Island or any other pictures of our travels and family, click here.

Until the next time . . .

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